Hello, December!

It is the last month of the year!!! Mine started pretty bad, hopefully goes back to the way it was, but I really hope, that you all started it great! :) Now it's going to be all about buying gifts, baking, eating tons of food, cuddling, etc. This really is my favourite month of the year, because I just fall every time in love with Christmas lights, that love which is in the year,... December is just magical.

Now, in this blog post I am not testing anything or whatsoever, but just writing about that magical month. I know, too bad. So, since this is the last month, I think that you should get yourselves challenges, things you did not do this year and really want to or you have forgotten about it; show your love more to others, visit family members you haven't seen whole year, tell someone how sorry you are and you miss them, bake or cook something you have never,... there is a lot of things to complete before the 2018 comes.

I found some ''bucket lists'' on the internet and they are really cool. For example:


I think, that bucket lists are really awesome, when you are thinking about the things you wanna do in the new year or the last month now. Just search them on google and you will find tons of them, they will give you a lot of ideas for your goals or things you want to complete.

And now... I wish you all the best of the last month. I want you all to love each other, also not forgetting about self love, I want you all to do the best you can and be a good people as you already are. Love and cherish life, respect and make the best of it.

                                                            Until the next post!


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