Relaxing the stress away

Hey, Hey :)

Finally got back to writing! Had unfortunately no time, because I was working way too much, but I am back! And today had some time to relax after hardworking weekend and I feel way better now :)) I tested 2 products from the Swedish company, Barnängen; bubble bath-shower gel and body lotion. I am surprised, how good these products are for the skin, and I also loved how they smell.

The first product was bubble bath-shower gel:

This product smells so good, contains protecting moisture serum and natural sea salt and it's perfect for the skin!! I have never been to Nordic countries, and I hope to visit them soon, but until that time I will always have smell of that ice water at home if I use this product :)))

Of course I had to test also the body lotion at the end. It gives perfect finish to skin and also smells ridiculously good! Skin is so smooth after using it, it feels really healthy and happy :) The product contains oats and few % of protecting cold cream, so this product is really good for everyone who have the biggest problems with skin, especially in the winter when it's cold and it needs to be protected.

I strongly recommend these products to everyone to just try and see, how good they are :) They are not expensive, each one of you can get it, just run to your local drug store and buy it. I think they will be my skin protectors this whole winter :)) I cannot wait to try other products from Barnängen soon!

You can find more info about brand and everything else on the Website address:

And until the next time!! ;)


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